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May 26, 2024 ARTIMUS is an independent media channel mainly for film production. The material is produced by ARTIMUS Film SVB AB, Stockolm.


In our productions tips from the public have been a significant help. However, we know that many more have knowledge that could save others from suffering, and help develop a more democratic society, but who fear that they or their family will suffer negative consequences.

SECURE COMMUNICATION! has a very high security level to ensure that no-one else gets access to the tips and information you send us via THE GATE. You yourself must, of course, see to the security of the computer that you are sending from.


We would prefer that you identify yourself. We will never reveal your identity or pass on information you have sent us, without your permission. You can send us information anonymously, but we can not guarantee that we will act on it in that case. Our ambition is however to use all information that is sent to us.

Thank you!

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