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May 26, 2024 ARTIMUS is an independent media channel mainly for film production. The material is produced by ARTIMUS Film SVB AB, Stockolm.


If you like our movies then we hope you will help us spread this website so it can lead to discussion about the need of examination in the society?

What journalists do you know? Is there any financial connection between politicians and the society? We have got an alarming culture in Sweden where journalists have become "entrepreneurs". They call themselves journalists but at the same time they "work" for the people they are suppose to investigate. They let themselves get bought by PR-firms or directly by the business world. You feel wanted but personal gain, sometimes, goes ahead of good journalism.

Moral Courage requires action and is a vital ingredient in our democracy. That require revulsion of double standards and self-pity but results in an experience of being part of a civilized society.